Assembly Tooling

  1. Assembly Jigs
  2. Assembly Weld Jigs
  3. Inspection Jigs
  4. Assembly Flow Lines
  5. Handling Equipment

Assembly Jigs

Assembly jigs built to customer exact manufacturing requirements, through a process of:

  • Communication - by learning and understanding customers requirements, limitations, and risks.
  • Concepting - presenting the vision developed by customers manufacturing engineers and our designers.
  • Design & Manufacture - translating concepts into equipments that meets customer requirements in terms of efficiencies and timescales that do not compromise programme.
  • Installation - installing and calibrating the equipment on-site.
  • Review—ensuring that the equipment matches customer aspirations through the first cycles of a manufacturing process.

Assembly Weld Jigs

Assembly Weld Fixtures

  • Spot Weld Fixtures - Assembly Weld
  • Expanding Fixtures

Assembly weld fixtures, with gas purge feeds to weld exhaust mixers and complex flared ducts.

Weld fixtures are designed to clamp and release component assemblies with maximum of ease.

Fixtures can be designed with built in trimming and checking features.

Inspection Jigs

Skin panel inspection jigs to check profile and contour tolerance.

Press formed detail check fixtures for flange lengths and profile.

Detail hole check jigs to inspect hole tolerance and vectors.

Assembly Check fixtures to final inspect sub assembly mating interfaces and other critical features.

Assembly Flow Lines

One flow line jig reduces the TAKT time of moving and setting assemblies from one stage jig to another.

Flow line jig can reduces tolerance build up on the final assembly.

Reduction in floor space requirements.

The flow line jig can be designed as a universal assembly jig to be used across all the series production.

Potential reduction in development time for future series production.

Handling Equipment

We design and manufacture a various range of shop floor aids, normally complementing the main assembly jig programme.

Jigs include handling equipment, transportation trolleys, paint templates and storage fixtures.

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